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Since 1955 we produce fur garments for leading brands
Fashion International

Milan, January 1955: Enzo Picciocchi & Alberto Ravizza open a company in Via Torino operating as fur skin wholesalers and fur coat manufacturers.

The name is Mondialpelli, it is rather small, its main feature is unusual for a fur coat manufacturer at that time, high quality prêt a porter. It is the key to the success of a rapid and constant expansion that leads to the decision to produce and to distribute the ready to wear. The sixties brings about the move to Piazza Diaz 1 and the imperious expansion continues, leading to an explosion at the beginning of the following decade during the shows in the United States, Japan and Germany.

1972 sees the entry of the second generation, Umberto Picciocchi; 1981 sees the arrival of Roberto Ravizza. They are together managers of the company, perfectly integrated and naturally ready to discuss matters, but also act in… .symbiosis; In 1987 the splendid collaboration commenced with GIANFRANCO FERRE who created the first models for the July fashion show in Rome. March 1988 saw the first Ferrè collection Fourrures… …it is the revolution of fur, and it is also a moment of “mental revolution” for Mondialpelli, a change in thought and technology in order to search for what Ferrè is asking for. The understanding between two houses that have the same philosophy, one in conceiving clothes and the other in conceiving furs, is exceptionally rapid: extremely high quality and style, the choice of the materials, workmanship. It is unquestionable that Ferrè and Mondialpelli have discovered the secret of a rare winning combination. The decennial experience in the creation of fur collections, the collaborations with famous designers, the constant modernisation of the styling office make Mondialpelli’s production unbelievably fashionable collections. In 2008 MONDIANA flagship store opens in Moscow, at Crocus City Mall. In 2009 Mondialpelli moves to its MP building, Via Bodoni 1/A Milano In the new bigger logistic headquarter Mondialpelli manages production, stockroom and showrooms. In 2010 Mondialpelli launches concept label PLACE… The new label wants to reach the most selected stores through the exclusivity distribution of STUDIO ZETA.org. From 2011 Mondialpelli produces and distributes in worldwide exclusivity rights collection of furs BORBONESE.


Today Mondialpelli distributes its own collections in 29 countries all over the world through boutiques and fur shops.